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European Centre for Democracy Development is a non-profit organisation engaged in scientific research into interethnic relations and minority policies within the OSCE space.

A key element of ECDD’s work is regular monitoring of manifestations of xenophobia, discrimination and aggressive nationalism in Europe.

The following areas are of particular interest: current legislation affecting minorities; law enforcement practices; discriminatory practices; official actions and statements affecting minorities; migration and attitude towards immigrants, foreign nationals and ethnic minorities; hate speech; neo-Nazi and radical nationalist parties and groups; their influence on policymakers and civil society; hate crime; public glorification of German National Socialism and Nazi collaborators; desecration of monuments and memorials dedicated to the Allied forces; Holocaust denial; abuse of anti-extremism legislation; and persecution of human rights activists.

The report is sourced from legislative acts, official public domain documents (such as statistical reports on hate crime), Ombudsman’s office, international human rights organisations, media reports and sociological surveys conducted during the observed period.

Our website is constantly updated with the latest reports. Authors are able to register and publish their materials, ensuring a consistent flow of new information prior to the release of the European Report on Xenophobia, Discrimination and Radical Nationalism. We are expecting to cover 40 countries in Greater Europe in the nearest future; however, currently we are focusing on just a part of those. ECDD publishes an annual general report, titled “Xenophobia, Discrimination and Aggressive Nationalism in Europe”. The report is based on expert analysis of the situation in the monitored countries, conducted by researchers from around the world. The latest report can be viewed here.

Publication section contains both original articles written by our specialists and materials from other sources, dealing with the topic of radical nationalism and neo-Nazism.

Information about conferences organised by ECDD and other organisations working in the same field can be found here.


European Centre for Democracy Development presided by Valery Engel, PhD.

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